Gabicce Mare Riviera Adriatica
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Gabicce Mare is a meeting point...

Here the Marche meets the Romagna, the hill meets the sea, the beach the rock; tourists from all over Europe will have met the "holiday" someone has found love, and all they have met a warm hospitality.

From May to late September, among square, beach, marina, and up to large balcony, is the encounter with its.

The price? Is reasonable. Treatment? Family and friendly, but with the addition of great experience. The food? Genuine.
Hospitality is also in private homes, residences, apartments, sun and beach foreveryone.

Gabicce is also an encounter with nature: with the limpid and clean sea, where children play safely, or with the sea bed near the deep rocky ravines, among which are short beaches, with a wide panoranic sight where roads, fresh shelters to summer heat, the geometry of the fields, large producers of Sangiovese wine, whose background is dominated by the famous views of Gradara, Urbino, San Leo, San Marino...

Gabicce is convivial meeting place: the restaurant is known, the small restaurant, the sophisticated bar, the outdoor cafes, boutiques, shops and the largest weekly market. Exhibitions of art and craft in the Palazzo del Turismo alternate and coexist with traditional concerts, the applicants "rustida fish" and sport creates opportunities for challenges without barriers...

Gabicce nights are magical and fascinating, from the breath of the sea and the gentle whisper of music.